Liver Problem Symptoms

liver problem symptoms

Liver Problem Symptoms

If your liver is not functioning properly you will have trouble losing weight and instead may gain weight.

You will have low energy and your depleted sex hormones could detrimentally effect your sex life.

Your liver is also the lynchpin of your immune system

For all these reasons and the other 500 functions your liver performs for you may wish to consider taking a liver support supplement if you have some of these symptoms, if you have a combination of 4 or more of these symptoms it is highly likely that your liver is in need of support.

Liver Detoxification 101

Liver detoxification is slowly becoming popular. The reason behind this is that more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the decline on their health due to various reasons like lifestyle, diet, stress, and even global warming. These factors introduce various levels of toxins into the system. There are three known toxins, environmental, household and dietary. In food alone a person unknowingly consumes toxins by the eating processed foods, sodas, saturated fats, food rich in preservatives etc. additionally the use of chemicals in cosmetics, cleansers, and even the fabrics worn can increase toxicity in the body.

The first line of defense against these toxins is the liver. The liver’s main job is to work as a detoxifying agent for the body. It filters and flushes out toxins, toxic substances and wastes from the blood. However a massive buildup of toxins in the body can at some point cause overloading in the liver thus weakening it and making it susceptible to viruses and diseases. And because the liver is the main filtration system any attack on it will affect the rest of the organs. To simplify the liver is the body’s main line of defense once it crumbles then everything beyond it is an easy target.

Detecting an unhealthy liver< is not so tough to do. Individuals who have unhealthy livers suffer from chronic fatigue, sluggishness, irritability, anxiety, aches and pains and even cause problems irregular bowel movements. Depressions, bloating, bad breath, body odor, protruding belly are other symptoms. More noticeable ones are skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and even itching. An individual experiencing some or unfortunate enough to be experiencing all the aforementioned symptoms should act upon it immediately. A dysfunctional liver requires a liver detoxification.

The body cleanses itself via natural methods like wastes through, sweating, urinating, breathing, bowel movements etc. The colon and kidney pass on toxic matter to the liver which it works on purifying and filtering. A congested liver however is incapable of filtering all this junk and in effect ends up releasing these toxins into the blood therefore slowly infecting the body until an impressive build up in the colon lining or other body tissues poison the body leading to liver cancer and several other diseases. Just like any filtration device the liver requires a cleaning maintenance as well in order to perform properly each time. While other tools require the occasional cleaning the liver would work best if cleaned on a daily basis. The simple incorporation of certain foods or by using the liver detoxification diet is an effective way to do this.

Liver flushing is a process by which an individual fasts or goes on a liquid diet for as little as 3 days to as many as 10 days. Liver flushing is so effective that a day or two into this method immediately yields some noticeable results especially in the tummy area. Liver detoxification diets employ the use or consumption of organic products, the more unprocessed the better. The inclusion of health supplements that provide minerals that an individual may be missing out on paired with a good exercise habit is what completes liver detoxification.

Liver Detoxification – Act Now

One of the oldest methods of cleansing the system is the liver detox.

The liver detox diet is a simple dietary system that involves reducing the consumption of certain types of food.  Coffee, saturated fats, processed foods and sugary foods are major No No’s of this diet. Drinking lots and lots of water preferably, mineral, filtered or alkalized water is essential. One cannot stress enough how important those 8 to 10 glasses of H20 is to your body and its waste management system. Another easy way to cleanse your system is by drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon juice water. Super foods are also crucial for this diet to work. Taking 5 super foods is a must! Onions, berries, cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbages), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flaxseeds) and of course green leafy vegetables.

In any form of diet it is always best to consult dietitians, nutritionists or physicians first to ensure that your body will be able to handle the diet chosen. Prior to that a lot of consideration must be put as to what diet method is most suitable to your lifestyle. Diet methods that fail are those that are not fully considered and often times people end up opting out of the diet midway through it because of difficulties that compromise its completion. Ample research should be done and a lot of resources are available in health clinics, gyms, hospitals, bookshops and of course online. Detox diets are generally uncomplicated and typically a list of food restrictions are given such as  the aforementioned saturated fats which could end up clogging your liver, refined sugars and coffee are just a few of them. Whole grain fibers, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water make up the liver detox diet. The keyword is fresh, avoid processed or foods with preservatives if possible raw whole foods or organic produce is the best option. Very little protein is consumed in this diet it due to that reason that proper consultation with a physician is necessary as improper or prolonged liver detox dieting can cause protein deficiency. Supplements found in health shops are also good options to take as they are made to encourage a specific organ in this case the liver to produce enough enzymes that will combat toxins that are filtered from the blood.

What makes the liver detoxification significant? The liver is a vital organ that maintains overall health. Keeping the liver healthy and fully functional is important. Toxins get filtered and are stored in the liver; toxic buildup damages the liver leading to liver poisoning. One must practice liver detoxification to eliminate toxins and waste build up. And because the liver’s job is to detoxify other organs once it is found to have toxic build up then it not only poisons itself but poisons the rest of the organs in the process.

Headaches, aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, skin problems and sluggishness are just some of the symptoms of a liver in need of cleansing. Naturopathic doctors recommend annual liver screenings as well as annual detoxifications to ensure that your liver is healthy.